Sea kayaking is easy as walking, easier for some reasons!

In 10 minutes we will become confident with the paddle and after being instructed by the guide on some tricks our skill will fast improve up to make it an extension of our arms.

Our kayaks, though stable, maintain excellent speed, paddling at a tourist pace is so far from tiring.

Even the little ones can have fun at sea, we can provide two-seater kayaks where the older ones can sacrifice and paddle for two. Or better… one and a half! We have safely hosted 6 years old children.


Morning is usually the best time of the day to go out on a kayak, the meeting point will be the beach you’ll be told to reach (or in accommodation on request).

Once the equipment is distributed, the guide will briefly explain the theory of paddling and some simple maneuver that will come in handy shortly thereafter.

At this point … Everyone in the water! We will be carried away by the growing desire to explore the amazing stretch of coast chosen for the trip, snaking silently on a sea with incredible color contrasts, from cove to rocky cape up to disembark in a corner of paradise almost or completely unreachable on foot. Than we could stretch our legs and thanks to our snorkeling goggles explore even the underwater world, far from the crowd of the easy-to-reach beaches.

The return will be on the same route of the journey and once landed will be available nearby a refreshment point where you can taste local products or simply a fresh drink.


Contact us to know the excursion closest to you!




Start time 8:30 am
End of activity 1:00 pm approx
Length of about 8 km
Technical level required: none, only an acceptable physical condition
Required skills: know how to smile, know how to have fun

                                      Prices from 50 € per person